Some Notes on the Sound Samples


The samples were transfered to disk and resampled from CD (44.1 kHz, 16bit) to CODEC (8kHz, 8-bit mu-law) on my old NeXTstation. This conversion mangles the higher tones quite badly; especially female singing and suling are damaged. The colotomy survives fairly well, but I noticed that the gong agen is completely eliminated by my computer speaker, which is apperently too small for the 50-60 Hz tone (the same effect occurs on a walkman). It's a very eery experience to hear the whole gamelan slow down for the gong; tension build up - and nothing happens.

I chose the Sun .au format as it is identical to the NeXT .snd format, so very easy to generate for me. I hope most web users can play it. There is no compression, as I do not know of any widely available compressed format (mpeg?). Please bug me if you prefer another format. On a 14k4 modem most samples should take about 2.5 minutes to download, which I thought acceptable.


One lawyer I consulted thought that citing extracts of a work you are reviewing is perfectly legal under Dutch law, I heard the same is true for American law. Of course the legal situation on the internet is somewhat confused, so I may be challenged under a different legal system. I just hope that distributing degraded snippets is no offense under any of them; if someone has problems with it please notify me and I'll withdraw them immediately. On the other hand, if I would be a record company manager I'd appreciate the free advertisement!

Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, 5-april-1996