Elwin's 3-year Home Page

It's been a while since my daddy had time for an update. A lot has changed. We moved, and I am now a BIG BOY (don't you dare suggesting I am but a little boy!). Life is still very good. I was lucky: this winter was a good winter: we had some snow and even ice. So, as a good dutch boy, this means sledding, and even skating on my first pair of skates on the (melting) ice. Of course I fell a lot, but for once I did not cry: you can only learn to skate by falling and getting up again.

Another big hobby of mine is cooking - as long as it is pizza or quiche (obviously not yeat a Real Man). Just pull up a chair and take part in the action.

I love the canoeing trips. In the boat we don't dare to take a camera. But on the map I can point out where the canoe is.

!NEWS FLASH! On 19 march 2001 my brother Leon was born.

My old 9-month report is here.

Elwin van Oldenborgh,